Uncover secrets of the universe?

The school teaches that energy can not be destroyed and not get out of the blue. At least this way we learn. But who taught? Again, just people. But then where did the energy all around us? All I see is compressed energy that we call mass. But where are we all come from? Why is "something?" Why is "nothing?" As I asked the founder of the higher mathematics Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz in the 17th century? There's the energy around us somehow suspicious much? These are fundamental questions of astrophysics, not only that nobody knows the answer and so far no one trying to solve this problem, or look for answers. You can only "fantasizing" wild talk about me like this, but the answer is no. Or does it? Even thousands of years ago people did not understand why the sun shines, today we know about it. There occurs a fusion reaction, where hydrogen changes in helium. This is our explanation that fits well into our theories. But is it really so? It's all completely different? As a people we have a big problem. For we are also composed of so-called "Barionové" matter of which also produce atomic bombs, among other things, a visit to her car and we had pretty decent mathematically described. It is everywhere in the universe and manifests with radiation, including visible human eye. But our world is produced in our brain and the real is not about nothing. What we see is only the eyes visible light reflection from the brain and do some painting ... nothing more, nothing less. The big hope is the so-called dark matter, which we believe exists. Scientists argue that a combination of gravity, which affects about shows and "our" Barionovou matter. This brings in the most mysterious force in the universe, which is gravity. What we know about her? Almost nothing. We're doing about as well as people thousands of years ago, when they had to see and feel signs of electricity. Flashes in the sky, static electricity and other electrical phenomena could not explain where this energy use.

Imagine a situation that move in time a thousand years ago among people who had lived. You should have seen some of the same phenomena as today. It is of course the sun, moon, stars, as well as thunder and lightning and static electricity must be manifestations of contact with another person. You would naturally have understood everything and was able to understand or predict the future. Let us ask a question. There are still some phenomena that can not explain? There are enough, but one thing is essential. It's in my gravity. Gravity will change the world one just like it caused the atomic energy. Gravity is here and everyone has experience with it. Gravity may be the penetration and destruction of stars. Gravity may have resulted in the so-called Big Bang. Quantum mechanics introduced astrophysics into an impasse and are still trying to discover its supporters Gravitons and it still nothing. In addition, gravity does not exhibit any interaction at the level of microparticles, like photons and electrons and other particles, because gravitons do not exist. Search gravitons is a waste of time. Gravity is manifested only in the vast universe with the black holes, supernova explosions, the collapse of stars and other phenomena incomprehensible to us. And it is the greatest force of gravity in the universe. If he managed to find a link between nuclear forces and gravity, we understand the universe!

Gravity is a mysterious force. You can not apply it to quantum mechanics, because the so-called Gravitons have not been discovered. Albert Einstein condemned, it is not interested in quantum mechanics. Einstein even said that God does not play dice with us. Quantum mechanics is basically mathematics and perhaps one big scam. The energy is divided into small quantities of energy, we can use our math and everything works. Except for gravity. It is a nocturnal moth can all quantum mechanics. To understand more about, we must abandon traditional ways of thinking. So far we know only what nature can do quite frequently. But we are not meant to understand this world? We are not prisoners of the brain only thread? Perhaps we do it right "hardware" and therefore we are unable to perceive anything more than expressions of "Barionové" matter that we put together. But there probably is something that goes around us.

Imagine drifting atomic bomb over Hiroshima on a parachute and suddenly one hundred meters above the ground all of a sudden blinding flash, shockwave and then a bomb is transformed into radiation. How is this possible? How is it possible that the breaking of the atomic nucleus causes a release of energy? The energy there something or someone had to deliver it? After all, nothing can arise from such a huge explosion. The elements of splitting the atom with the large atomic number such as the uranium is not a problem. It contains large amounts of protons and neutrons, so the nucleus is unstable and prone to breakage. But why is it accompanied by a huge energy? Who put it there? God? Nobody knows. God has allocated space in a small space in one of the many billions of galaxies, stars close to the one we call the Sun. Near us locate the giant planet Jupiter, which is so large that it is on the brink of thermonuclear reaction, but fortunately for us it did not. Is only advantageous for us "gravity shield" and prevents the deadly bombing of large bodies from space. Is it a coincidence? All us here somehow plays into the hands suspiciously. Such long-term stable environment anywhere in the universe is. In addition, because there was a huge amount of complex molecules that nowhere else in the universe probably not. Favorable ambient temperature, the massive earth's magnetic field prevents the deadly impact of energetic particles from the sun, the presence of highly reactive oxygen, etc. Not too much of coincidence? Fully understand the universe we will never fail, but "never say never." How difficult was it for people to understand that the Earth is the center of the universe, but completely irrelevant to one insignificant planet somewhere in the sun in one of the many billions of galaxies. Something like that would require a great feeling to discover the giants of abstract thought long past. The mass of our brain is constantly improving and the many millions of years, there will certainly still life, and maybe people will be able to perceive and understand something of what today we can. As prehistoric people would hardly understand that in the nucleus is hiding a huge energy. Maybe there is another type of Einstein geniuses who discover the power hidden in the dark matter and thus started a new direction. For Einstein, many made fun of and considered him a fool. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz would almost considered when the devil was able to calculate the length of any object or curved length. Today's common computing.

So what else to write? Why does nothing and something? Why are we here? What is our significance on this planet? If any at all? Same questions and answers none. Yet I am convinced that the answers are close to us, we will only "see." We even have close to the answers, but he decided to step in understanding all the difficult and require a change in thinking. Today, the greatest thinker and thinkers believe the world of God. But they usually represent a complex system that is above us and charge. Lives on the idea of ​​some programming of the universe and we are now at the stage when the program is running. Like an executable program on your computer. God created the program and hardware space and matter in it. People are basically unwanted viruses in this program ... kind of anomaly that arose because of the high complexity of this program. Or is it just completely reversed, and the emergence of life of this program was created by someone .. about God. All the interactions between particles into each other very well fit, so it's definitely not a coincidence. Gravity then act when the matter a lot. About then, but we know nothing. It is a divine force that we are still hidden. But if God programmed the world by living matter once this mystery appears we have a good future.

People - examines the matter itself

Some philosophers say that life is actually useless and has no sense in terms of the entire universe. With that I would like to disagree. It's a bit bizarre that the inanimate matter, which is all around us so much, the country has developed to such bizarre formations that can investigate itself? Who or what this is all arranged for? The task of man is this to come and discover the secrets of the universe. Another meaning of life people actually do not. Some may argue that this is the biggest secret to reveal to us is not meant to be. Wrong! This secret is to detect, even I think that deciphering is very close to us, we are only able to perceive it.

Let me give an example. Do you have a cat or dog? Have you ever wondered just why you speak like a man? Maybe that sounds silly, but when you think about it and you'll find this question an informed answer, reveal an unexpected context. A cat can not speak to you as a person because it just does not "hardware" and "software" equipment. It's like if you wanted to install Windows XP on old computer Intel's 286th It never fails.

And another example. Imagine that you are currently transferred to the person who lived prior to 5 thousand years ago. Only what is understood today would probably offer to give him drink and eat. Same menu, but also means your dog. Such a person would not have been able to live in our society, and basically it would be allowed to be close to the cage. What I mean by that? Only that what we are now able to perceive and understand the need for 10 000 years to pay. For ten thousand years we can observe dark matter, as now we see the stars shining in the sky. Our "hardware" and the continued improvements in thousands of years people will be able to understand things that we do not even seem to be around us. This "hardware" of course I think especially our brain. So the meaning of life and mission of man as creature indeed a matter that is able to examine ourselves to develop these skills. Mutual exchange of information between people improves our brain equipment, which has been passed from generation to generation and you can feel more and more about this mysterious world in which we live. And for us to do "God created the Internet." Yes that's right. As if someone or something wanted to understand the universe. Thanks to the Internet so everyone can write their thoughts, which you can read anyone in the world. This is a great tool. Even if they are to be nonsense or silly plky my lines as these can help to sort the information to someone smarter and inspire him to further research, etc. The universe is understandable!

Certainly appears a man who changes the world. But the question is whether this area will allow. It's really a shame of humanity, that Einstein received the Nobel Prize for relativity, but "only" for an explanation of the photoelectric effect. In an ingenious equation E = mx C on the other he just scoffed. Finally, in order to have some money had to be reduced to "quantum mechanics" and explain this phenomenon. Einstein was a mathematician and gave him a lot of work to mathematically prove their vision. The use of mathematics in his case have been counterproductive. He discovered a brilliant whole, but nobody really believed it. It's like if someone discovered the number 10, but it must prove that the sum 1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 10 Up to now believe that he discovered the number 10

We solve the equation wrong universe?

Why are scientists looking for a perfect and symmetrical universe? Searched him and Albert Einstein and found none. Quantum theorists are looking for him and found nothing. From the beginning, always seems to be all right, but then close the "target" it all somehow stuck. It's like when you solve a complex equation. If you make a mistake in the solution, or you may not notice it, still proceed forward, but then suddenly disagree root and you have to start over. Note the stubbornness with which they need to seek so-called gravitons, which are supposed to mediate the transfer of gravitational forces. Even it's all so intertwined that if the sun suddenly disappeared, so its gravity will act on the ground for 8 minutes, because according to Einstein, should be spread Graviton and the speed of light. We are so "drinking" quantum theory that all forces must have a quantum basis. Why? For me it is ridiculous term "quantum field theory." It's sort of attempt to unite gravity with quantum theory. Graviton should be a "carrier of the field."

Another mistake in the equation solution space is the search for the Higgs boson. He is supposed to mediate the transmission of mass particles from the Standard Model. Higgs boson has not yet been found, like the Graviton. The aim of these efforts is to get the most intellectually to understand the origins of the universe and how it had worked. This is a good effort. Astrophysics is in a crisis similar to that in the days of Sir Isaac Newton. His laws were considered untouchable and perfect, that will never be modified. And lo! He came Einstein and everything was different. More precisely, Einstein added only some phenomena that did not explain the laws of Isaac Newton (eg, tapping the orbit of Mercury perihelion). To this day no one would argue that quantum mechanics is nonsense (I wrote above, that quantum mechanics may be a scam-I take it back. Perhaps only the interpretation is incorrect.) We have a nuclear power, atomic bombs, we can even ignite nuclear fusion in terrestrial conditions (so far only in the form of the hydrogen bomb.) Controlled fusion is still only at the stage of trials. So when comes the next Albert Einstein? Nobody knows. You may already born and is somewhere between us. Maybe even born, but it's only a matter of time. The only thing left is Lenin's saying. Learn! Learn! Learn!

Interaction - forces that have created life

The planet is called Barionová matter behaves unpredictably and completely bizarre. On all the planets of our solar system not only is peace. The atoms are combined to produce molecules of various elements and the rest lies in billions of years without change. Like our moon is the same for billions of years already, but already about 300,000 km from it happening with the mass of the universe in terms of unreal things. How is this possible? What forces have created us? 99.9999 percent of the mass in the universe behaves normally. That means nothing is happening. Only if the matter much, ignites the fusion like our Sun. It is a nice theater, but rather dull. Only the hydrogen becomes helium. Why is it accompanied by such a theater release in the form of energy we can only guess, but so be it. But what is happening to our planet beyond the principles of the universe. Why do the molecules of matter over and over combine to form more complex molecules? In addition, if the resulting molecules follow a goal for which consistently go. It's not the universe in terms of normal behavior of most materials. Why, probably electrical forces acting between each molecule of DNA and then created a cell? Why cells clump together into increasingly complex systems? Perhaps it is somehow good for them and easier to survive. The fact that the planet are favorable conditions for the penetration of life does not mean that the matter must behave as follows. It can not be a coincidence. Life has created a mysterious interaction between molecules. But why the interaction at all? Why not nothing? Why is it something? And it's still around and nobody knows anything. As if you ever played with us and nurtured us in the laboratory dish. Then one day just to break the bowl and everything disappears.

But let's think a bit of interaction. According to quantum field theory should be called Graviton, which mediates gravity. Also electrical forces that hold molecules together and determine the chemical properties of the atom, mediated by electrons of the quantum theory. Just have all the forces in the background, according to our theory of a particle. Smart! Well, this leaves a lot to explain things, but some do not.

But still there's one thing. Dark matter. What if all the interactions are due to dark matter? Maybe gravity. It is not necessary to completely reverse? Dark matter is pushing our Barionovou mass and creates the impression not only of gravity?

Imagine a peeled orange that you squeeze in your hand until it is left out of nothing, all the juice has drained, and left only a small ball. Now imagine that you would have seen during this time only the orange and not the working hand. It would be a very interesting look, sort of like our sun. What if dark matter pushes the sun from all sides so regularly that there is no escape? Thus dark matter "push" to all of our material and creates a false impression of gravity. Nothing, of course, is not substantiated, they are only idle considerations, but real scientists have a better explanation and the origin of gravity? They do not!

The situation is similar with the emergence of life. What if some "invisible hand" created life, but I do not see them as dark matter? Something similar happens if you try to sink the ball into the water. When you succeed, it will push the ball on water power equal to the weight of a ball of liquid displaced. Water is in this case, dark matter and the ball must be our Earth. It is bizarre of course, the considerations that are not scientifically based and possibly complete crap, but someone has a better explanation?

Recap - What do we know?

The question rather should be: What can we do? Perhaps the greatest achievement of man, though will sound strange to the thermonuclear fusion ignition. So far, only the hydrogen bomb, but it is a remarkable human achievement (the living matter). But all these phenomena we see with my own eyes. Maybe the sun is evidence of that. Although it does not appear, but the use of electricity is a brilliant performance of mankind. But again it is only a phenomenon that we see around us. But what about phenomena that exist, but we are not able to perceive? Certainly such phenomena are. What is actually the secret of the universe? Someone below it is only a creation of the solar system, someone goes on and looking behind the Big Bang. Beyond that no one would dare, it's only speculation. But what if the hidden secrets of the universe around us? Why not look in the far outer space? We analyze the behavior of matter and called here on our Earth. As I wrote above, both purposeful behavior of protons and neutrons, which are fully programmable to clump together the atoms of different atomic numbers, atoms, they form again very thoughtfully molecules of various sizes and complexity that arise from them, even so-called systems of DNA that are base materials from which we were created. This is not a course of conduct. I do not read much different science fiction novels, but one of them certainly describes our universe is that every galaxy is actually only one cell system or a huge creature. Looking at the behavior of cells to be living creature in space we surprisingly see some analogies. Perhaps our cells or cells of another creature they need energy to function, you get a reaction of oxygen with the help of electricity. Similarly, the universe needs a lot of energy to exist. And that energy is a hell lot. It is all around us and holds the universe together as energy in cells. And what we actually have people? I think that our meaning may be entirely negligible. It is clear that the behavior of the universe do not change. The idea that our universe with all the billions of galaxies in which trillions of suns is only one cell of an organism is certainly unacceptable for humans. But maybe someone has another explanation of this mystery of mysteries? We the people we've chosen. No ... we're not completely zero. Someone here is control. But that someone, like the cells in our body can not guard everything. We need to guard my behavior of our cells to avoid the proliferation of cancer? We can not. It is clear that living matter is not "normal" state of matter. The normal state of matter is "nothing" like the moon or Mars. Up there is a nuclear fusion in the sun, which is comparing the behavior of matter on the ground very simple reaction. All the forces that affect us are trying to return us to where we belong. Into the ground and turn to dust. This already knowing our ancestors in the quote "Remember Christians that you are dust and to dust you shall return." I am convinced that we are part of a much larger system, even so great that it exceeds our imagination. Our meaning in the universe is almost zero. As in other complex organisms may be parasitic systems, such as the flu virus. Someone must have hay fever, which troubled him all his life. Nevertheless, all organisms in which they live viruses trying to get rid of them. So I somehow feel that we are something or someone trying to get rid of a channel where there are "right" we belong. We face constant force called Gravity, which always pushes us to the center of the country and we try to in effect destroy. If we want to exist, we have to force this fight for life. Yet this fight is futile. Once in the country will end or change to the radiation in the crematorium. Nothing much you? Yet for all of us in this hostile environment can exist very long. Even hundreds of millions of years, people here can we be. But that's about all we can do. Live within one cell (space) and try to host our efforts to destroy us resist. But even in our cells viruses can exist and persist there for years without a cell somehow harm. They are truly bizarre ideas, but someone has a better explanation of the question "Why is something, why not nothing?"

Space - one of many bizarre creature of cells?

Although it may seem like nonsense, it may be true. The point is that our known universe is billions of galaxies, trillions of suns in them perhaps trillions of planets orbiting suns, and all flying in the dark matter may be just one of many cells of an unreal creature or organism. Yes you understand it right! Our universe can be known only one of many billions of cells, similar to our or any other similar body consisting of a number of human and other cells. It is nonsense of the human brain disease? I do not know, maybe, but let's think about it a bit.

Although it seems, because the human cell is incredibly small for us to object, where almost nothing, the opposite is true. Animal or plant cell contains hundreds of millions of molecules, billions of trillions of atoms and other particles. All are arranged in a perfectly functioning system, where each particle exactly fulfills its role. In the universe are similar. It holds together perfectly and yet is in constant motion and change. Even our cells in the body are in constant motion and change. The universe could easily arise as our cells are formed in the body. This means division. Similar or exactly the same universe may be billions or even trillions as well as cells in our body. It seems like nonsense? Possibly. It is important to note, however, that man is an integral part not only of matter around us, but also the entire universe. We humans are nothing special, our composition is the same as the mass in the universe.

This does not mean that the universe was the Big Bang. Quite the contrary. This my Big Bang theory supports it and even suits. It is no coincidence the emergence of new cells in the human body also such a "big bang?" You might think what we do here my people? So with that I would not care head. Today also we do not know how many actually contains particulate matter, and also not been confirmed by the Higginsův boson, which is necessary to make it all not worked. So what living organisms are welcome and what the universe needs us to be one. Just here and we're done. In addition, energy work space is not only very similar to the human cells. And that requires energy in order to work. Gets her activities highly reactive oxygen. The fact that the universe is enough power for its operation, it is clear to everyone - it is mainly gravity, which creates pressure on your matter for us humans unimaginable amounts of energy. See be our sun.

If you look at the images from Hubble, each marvel at the beauty of the universe. The same arrangement has, however, and human cell. Magnified a million times is very similar to our universe. Is it a coincidence? Not at all! I am convinced, because even though I have no evidence that our universe is just one of many trillions of other universes, which together form a complex organism or system. What is the system're welcome I do not know what the living do not know. Maybe we can call it God.

Simple basics of the universe?

Albert Einstein vainly sought a universal model of the universe, that is simple and all embracing. This model would be able to explain everything around us including the mysteries of the universe and matter. He believed in one brilliant formula that would explain everything. One, which was discovered is really brilliant, and if God gave him more years of life might have appeared more ingenious algorithms universe. So far, however, about the nature of the search space follow a different direction than Einstein imagined. Quantum theory he did not recognize. Indeed, in this wrong? That is the question. Experience shows that some wrong. But the idea of ​​a simple equation of the universe is not so entirely impossible.

The universe is built on very simple principles. To understand this principle, that complex systems operate on simple fundamentals do not look to outer space or break in expensive particle accelerators. Just look inside our desktop and we see also a small universe. There are altogether billion transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and many other components. For the ignorant it is incredibly complex system that is understood by only a few are chosen. But beware! The whole system works fully 99 percent of the simple basics. This so-called basis of Ohm's law. This utterly trivial law, expressing the relationship between lineální voltage, current and resistance is at the heart of all electrical equipment including computers. Silicon transistor and diode, as a basic component of all computers in that respect is only resistance that changes its value according to our needs. The name transistor is the technical name. Otherwise, this is essentially a variable resistor (resistance). This is the same diode. In one direction has a large resistance, the other small. But still for both transistor, diode or thyristor simple Ohm's law applies.

Note the other interesting things. It is the extension of Ohm's law for closed circuits. These patterns formulated in 1845, German physicist Gustav again Robert Kirchhoff. Eventually we discover that the computer actually works on the simple grounds, even though at first "sight" does not appear. The whole machine is actually a system where the parts will only change their resistance according to our program. This changes both voltage and current. Increased stress at the same resistance causes more current. Increased resistance at the same voltage drop causes a current. In closed electrical circuit is a little complicated. There we talk about the "voltage drop". The name is somewhat misleading and inaccurate. Can you imagine something like this. We have a voltage source and a load. Ideally, the entire voltage reaches the consumer. This is not practically possible. Therefore, we are talking about the voltage drop. This occurs even at the very source of tension. It is not possible to have zero voltage source resistance, just as it is not possible for the connecting wires have zero resistance as well. It would be a so-called superconductors.

Why are actually writing about this? It has nothing to do with the mystery of the universe? But it has! Electricity and its behavior is an integral part of the universe and understanding partly revealed to us the mystery of the universe. Perhaps the behavior of simple basics of electricity is the essence of the behavior of the universe. Certainly the universe is not inherently complex. We still, however, in this puzzle are missing what we are not able to see let alone feel their imperfect senses.

Life in the Universe

We are alone in the universe or life elsewhere? May be life in our solar system? What forces lead compound to create DNA? Many questions and no answer. Let's look at the conditions under which life arose on the planet we call Earth. It is clear that the first condition is to create a "bubble", which does not move at high speed with a lethal particle rest mass. Which are necessary to protons and neutrons. On Earth, this "bubble" peace ensures massive magnetic field that predominantly fast-flying particles from the sun and deflects most of them misses our planet. This is essential for the formation of so-called Life. It is likely that in this bubble quickly without flying particles begin to apply some other forces (divine power?) And matter particles begin to aggregate in bizarre forms must be in the form of man. But space without energy particles obviously not enough. Another assumption is liquid water. Compounds of hydrogen and oxygen in the whole universe many, but most of this material is in the solid state in the form of ice. Again, we are lucky to Earth. Reasonable distance from the Sun's brilliantly meets. Water is plentiful. Thus, an area without solar wind, liquid water and has not prevented the emergence of life. In this kind of "serum" will begin to enforce the already mentioned "divine force" and bizarre aggregation of molecules already doing. Even in our solar system, at least one such place exists. In addition to the Earth is a planet orbiting Europa Jupiter. Jupiter in your heart contains hydrogen and metal as well as the iron core generates the Earth protective magnetic field. According to NASA's planet Europa big ball of ice. However, the influence of gravity, the ice toward the center of the planet, causing the ice turns into liquid water. And the conditions for life are here. Photons for the creation of simple forms of life are needed. Lucky we had in our country where the particles so called photosynthesis induced an explosion literally life and outside water. Life outside our planet certainly exists. Obviously, life as we know it from our home planet would be sought in the universe is very difficult and mirror is the same as with us about does not exist. But life in another form definitely exists. It's almost certain. The problem may be that even if the universe is so vast, it is very infrequent. Masses for the emergence of life there are not many. Although there are many billions of stars and galaxies, the mass emergence of life on earth similar to so many not. There may be a problem. It follows that, for example, attempts to establish a connection with another civilization is a waste of time. Nothing was found.

Of course, I do not know for sure. Such a coincidence as established in our country could also arise elsewhere. Even you can not rule out the existence of civilization, which is the same as on our country .. The matter in our known universe is the same as in our solar system, so nothing can be excluded. But the possibility is minimal. As I wrote, if they are satisfy the above two basic conditions, life may not only arise but he certainly arises. But to be able to develop into such forms as on Earth, the need in addition to time remained very stable environment. The point is that the forces in the universe is no problem to destroy life on the planet in a matter of seconds. The so-called. living organisms are very flimsy molecular systems that even a small cosmic catastrophe can instantly destroy and dissolve better case to chaotically moving individual molecules. Such "destruction" such as earthquakes or floods are of negligible cosmic terms. Still, it makes people enormous problems. When one comes real space catastrophe would not help anything. If everyone could look into space, and preferably up to a month and saw that our planet quite small and vulnerable it might all wars on earth became a thing of the past.

Albert Einstein - the second Jesus Christ among us

Why history can be divided into the time before Christ and after? What Christ has given us so important that our year starts since his time? Actually, we had nothing, only information. All this is described in the Bible. It is believed that Christ was alive crucified and then rose from the dead? It is of course a question whether he has really died on the cross and who possibly pronounced dead. It is quite possible that it was all theater and his resurrection served some other purpose, perhaps of power. And it is also a question if ever there was, and his whole story is not only a kind of virtual story from the Bible. And I still do not know anything and we would like to search for any "God" particles in accelerators something that none of us will see with your own eyes. People in the Black playing dice, by way of trial and error, and this game is worth billions. However, even if we do not know the story of Jesus Christ is truth or fiction.

Calmly and brilliant physicist Albert Einstein might be seen as God's son, who was sent to us to show people the way forward. The story of Jesus Christ has appeared at a time when the world ruled by violence, murder and other crimes. God just had to watch and could not, therefore, sent his son to redeem mankind. Since then clearly define certain principles as to how one should behave in order to survive at all on the ground and nevyvraždil each other. We must recognize that it partially succeeded.

Albert Einstein was a bit of a weirdo. His life is fairly well mapped, so apparently suffered from a form of schizophrenia, known as Asperger syndrome. In addition, he reportedly claimed to have in his childhood he could arrange the dimensions of the world around them, leading them to any normal child in four years. Einstein began to see this as a teenager, but completely differently than others. Is not this God's gift? Why God sent us such a man? To make matters worse, his first wife was a bit strange and lived only physics and mathematics. It is certain that he has to create his mathematical formulation of much help. Never, however, the co-authorship his equations themselves known. Maybe it was their agreement. How did Einstein challenged the special theory of relativity? Actually, it was a common elevator and difficulties in measuring the speed of light, when again and again measured the rate constant and somehow lost when measuring the rotating speed of the Earth. Einstein thought about the relationship between what they bring home, where the lift is built, private elevator and the people in it. And when he was allegedly attacked!

But in order to mathematically formulate his theory of special relativity, yet without the influence of gravity, needed some constant that does not change. He chose the speed of light. Not that the speed of light is unchanged, she is rather constant with respect to an observer who is moving. It's kind of incomprehensible to us, and if Isaac Newton had lived, he would never have believed. But she is true even if our perception of movement totally incomprehensible. What follows from this paradox is a thousand times on the Internet described in many articles.

But his vision of God that does not end. Ten years in 1915 shocked the world another theory of divine realms. It's called the General Theory of Relativity. Isaac Newton would not believe it again and thought it would be for a total nonsense. But again it's true! For the formulation of the equations of general relativity needed to turn some clue from which it can work. This time used a special form of geometry. According to Einstein gravity is not a force but a curved spacetime. Again, something that our brain can not understand. Einstein, however, as the son of God saw this and knew how to do it. Equations created are amazing and their study can reveal the bizarre reality. Even according to them, can travel in time and other as yet difficult to understand things. Time travel is such a crap about us, as for Isaac Newton's curvature of spacetime, and yet it is true.

Spacetime is like a fishing net, known as ripple. It's such a square grid restrained in their respective corners spring steel wires and the other end connected to a single point. If the network fish, the area network perfectly straight. But the bigger fish we hunt, the network of more sinks. Exactly this works as well as Einstein gravity. Every material body around them like curve space and time.

But what happens when the fish is too heavy? The network is broken and the fish is irretrievably lost. But what happens to the space-time in the universe is too massive body? Apparently create the black hole and everything disappears somewhere like too heavy fish on the net ripple. Fish falls either on the ground or into the water and swim away. Where, however, the soil mass in a black hole? It is possible to use the analogy of pots for a black hole in the universe? I do not know. But definitely phenomena we observe around us are part of the universe and can not be considered as something that has to mean "mysterious" universe nothing. Quite the contrary. As Einstein used the elevator for the formulation of special relativity theory, some of the phenomena around us also be used for other as yet unexplained phenomena in the universe.

Einstein for his brilliant discoveries did not need billions of dollars as a "brilliant" scientists at CERN, who play dice with the particles of matter and hope that something will. Rather than engage their brains and imagination using incredibly complex devices, but for them the mystery of the universe solved. If you rely on them, it's the wrong direction to understand the univers?e.

Einstein and dice

The biggest problem in modern astrophysics is obviously incompatible theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics. For many failed attempts at merging these theories. But why ? It is mainly due to our way of understanding the world around us. It's what we see and measure reality? Our eyes see through the brain, and only the light of thanks . For example, no one doubts that the sky is blue , grass green , etc. But what we see is actually true? Is the sky really blue and the grass green ?

But back to quantum mechanics. When you search for on the Internet , the term " model of the atom " appears Pictures of various " balls " that cross , circulate and collide , it creates additional balls etc. This " ball " mania is essentially the basis of quantum mechanics. Yes ! It really works. But no one atom never yet see , and if it is actually composed of " balls " is the question. Why quantum mechanics works? Probably because it works mathematics and behavior all around us is predictable. In fact, one only observes the world around them and try to emulate him . Like prehistoric man received fire , succeeded in the past century to imitate the action of the sun and ignite nuclear fusion. Any force that operates continuously over time can be quantified and thus on the use of mathematics . It is clear that mathematics is a very broad term. Mathematics is a lot . On each predictable behavior of something we can use mathematics. So also created the atomic engineering.

But using quantum mechanics never understand the nature of the universe, but not what they are called black holes . World of gravity and quantum physics are simply hates , like Einstein hated Max Planck and Niels Bohr . I guess we unfortunately have to accept the fact that what is around us is far beyond our understanding. This does not mean that we can not use . Actually, do not do anything other than what he did prehistoric man . When lightning struck a tree , he began to burn , and came to this phenomenon all look . They noticed that the fire warms and thought is to get it. Gradually figure out how to get without a flash fire , began using it in the preparation of food as a weapon against predators , etc. Today, people do not do anything else. Still only observe the world around us use his gifts . But we do not understand the essence . Yet Albert Einstein took a step in the right direction to understanding everything. And when gravity conceived not as a force but as a curved space . This is a step in the right direction . He was not afraid of new ways of thinking and succeeded . And what about the fire ? Does anyone know what this is ? He does not know . Despite all of this element , we know a lot and can accurately describe its behavior . But they are all just words and numbers. But why is it that nobody knows . Refer to be http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohe % C5 % 88

Solar wind - Myth or Reality?

Definition of the solar wind with the sentence "solar wind is the flow of particles ." When , however, the particle flux think about this may be true completely different. According to this theory, the sun released a kind of particle (bead ) , flying space away from the sun and then to be when they hit the upper atmosphere of the Earth creates the aurora. Particles say people should be protons or neutrons , photons and possibly even more. But these names particles we invented my people and we say to ourselves that this is the only possible truth . What to look for somewhere right around us? When the tsunami devastated Japan was doing one thing remarkable. Somewhere far away in the ocean rose seabed by several meters a disaster was in the world. When the Tsunami Seen from the point of view of quantum theory to what actually occurred. The sea floor is sprung and the particles hit the particles of sea water . But no one doubts that the water molecule , in which the bottom water crashed flown to the coast and there destroyed and killed . How then according to quantum theory the huge power came to the coast of Japan? Water is incompressible under normal pressure and therefore the water molecules bumping into each other and thus energy as a domino transferred to the coast . However, this means that no water molecule left their position, but only handed over power on.

And what really makes the Sun? Maybe Sun only sells its energy to something throughout incredibly empty space and that "something " only mediates the transfer of energy away from the sun. It can be even mysterious dark matter , which probably exists. Is not possible that the universe was so empty. Sun , it does nothing else than that vibrates the dark matter throughout the universe , and we consider the so-called solar wind .

Another example . Perhaps no one can believe that when American astronauts communicate from the moon, so the particles that mediate the transmission of electromagnetic waves flew from month to country and vice versa. The energy that eventually it vibrate membranes of headphones spread from the moon to the earth just like the spread of the tsunami . The empty space in the universe is not really empty at all . This space is incompressible even like water and can transfer energy. High velocity of propagation of energy in this area will probably actually 300,000 km per second. But definitely no space particles from the sun does not fly like a bullet from a gun. Like the water molecules in the Tsunami transmit energy and thus creating all kinds of waves that we know. Just invisible mass oscillates around us and we call electromagnetic waves, and it can transfer energy. Quantum theory wrongly gives the impression that the universe is flying some " balls " and the transmit power. In fact, nothing does not fly in space , the only vibrates. It oscillates Dark matter and I call it the electromagnetic waves .